Already during the design phase from Karno Energy, various options and schemes can be tested to choose the best one. On the other hand, during implementation, BIM provides continuous and immediate access to information, such as investment costs and schedules. Eventually, BIM can also be used for facilities management.

Karno Energy – BIM technology

Modeling and simulating reality in the digital world opens up limitless analytical possibilities. When creating a project in Karno Energy BIM, the individual elements in the model are assigned their own parameters, such as cost, specific gravity, strength, heat resistance, water vapor permeability, etc. When one is changed, the others are automatically changed, so there are no surprises. Compliance and correction of all documentation is immediate. The project database allows the creation of reports, tables, calculations and analyses of technical data. This simplifies the adaptation of the object to the requirements of the spatial development plan and construction conditions.

Karno Energy – BIM design

Karno Energy BIM makes it easy for everyone involved to design a project. By entering, for example, the geographical location of an investment into the database, you can easily analyze its insolation at different times of the year and day, selecting its optimal orientation. The ability to instantly simulate different variants of the project, significantly reduces the time of design and subsequent construction. This speeds up the interpretation and exchange of data and, above all, eliminates errors. Working on the 3D model, all participants of the investment can check the technical aspects of the planned implementation in detail.


Simply put, processes govern how to work in Karno Energy BIM, defining the requirements for the project, the information it creates, and the implementation strategy. Questions like.

Karno Energy – What are the benefits of BIM?

Projects are becoming increasingly complex, and companies need to manage and share large amounts of data across disparate and distributed teams BIM can help the AEC industry improve accuracy and efficiency, and save time and money by providing a better understanding of all phases of a project Karno Energy’s BIM system offers other key benefits such as faster project approvals, predictability of results, sustainable design and analysis services, and improved collaboration and information sharing for an integrated project strategy.

Karno Energy’s architects are able to produce more accurate drawings that are less error-prone, leaner, and more in line with the client’s vision. Engineers can work better with architects and other engineering professionals to increase the reliability of their designs. Contractors can be given early warning of construction problems when changes are less costly. Finally, managers can use this model as the basis for future comprehensive equipment and asset management programs.

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